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Spring 2012: Received my BA in General Studies from the University of Miami–3.950 GPA, graduated with President’s Honors–with a concentration in both fine art photography and visual journalism (video, web, interactive).
Fall 2012: Began UM's Master of Fine Arts program in Photography/Digital Imaging,
continuing studies with J. Tomás López, an inspiring and gifted educator.
August 2013: Survived, and thoroughly enjoyed, that initial year, and now facing the dreaded second year
when his MFA committee will strongly suggest commiting to a thesis topic.
December 2013: After a survey trip to several places in the Texas Panhandle in July, then a second trip
in October, John's proposed thesis subject has been green-flagged and he is proceeding
with his project, code-named More Land Than People.
June 2014: Sixth trip scheduled for the week of July 14. Behind in keeping web site current
as there is more emphasis on creating new images than in editing and presenting new work.
August 2014 update: Updating website to show images from March 2014 trip. Will be working
on thesis documentation this semester as well as teaching ART210, Introduction to Photography.
MFA Thesis Exhibition scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2015, at UM's Cane Gallery in Wynwood.
Stay tuned...
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